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Cathy Romano

I am a realtor who can guide you whether you're upsizing or downsizing in or around Austin! With a wealth of helpful and timely information to share, I have real estate expertise and cutting edge technology, thanks to Compass, behind me.

Hard work and challenges don't scare me; I am energetic, well connected and not afraid to ask the hard questions. Tired of paying high bills to maintain your empty nest? Want more free time to do what you really want? Looking for a place you can lock up and leave to get out of the summer heat?

Call ME and let’s get started!

Our Story

Our Approach

Our Story

My Story

I was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, and left there when I married Bob Romano in 1983. Our adventures have taken us all over the world, thanks to Bob's work. We've lived in Portland, OR., Boca Raton, FL. (where Joe and Tommy were born), The French Riviera, and then our final stop, in 1991, to Austin, TX. (where Mary Claire was born).

Cathy and RedfishI've worn many hats over the years and have enjoyed them all. I started using my degree in Hotel Restaurant Administration in Seattle working for the Red Robin Corporation and then for Westin Hotels. I grew weary of nights and weekends and decided to use my sales skills in the Financial Industry, where I became a Stockbroker for Foster and Marshall, in Portland, OR. When IBM moved us, I was able to keep my clients but gained new ones in Boca Raton. We survived 6 years and two hurricanes there and couldn't say yes (oui?) fast enough when Bob was offered a job in France. Two years flew by and we hated to leave, but the assignment ended and it was Austin or Detroit. We chose Austin.

That was in 1991 and what we thought would be a typical two year assignment evolved into thirty years and holding strong! We discovered what a wonderful place Austin was to raise our children and have enjoyed the many, many amenities and activities here, making Austin one of the best places to live in America.

I had a few other odd jobs along the way like selling promotional products, and also put my writing skills to work and published a book.

In my free time, I enjoy living on Lake Austin and all the many activities that it offers. My off-lake activities are tennis, golf, hiking, and creating personalized books. I am also on the board of Drive A Senior Central Texas and love helping with their mission to enrich the lives of seniors by offering them free rides, friendship and other support services.

Next Steps...

Call me and we can explore your needs. Whether you're buying or selling, I'll help you find a solution that works for you.