Bob’s In Charge

November's newsletter has been taken over by Bob who is truly my right hand man after I had shoulder surgery on my right rotator cuff and my arm is in a sling for the month.

Take it away, Bob!

Is Your House Too Big for You?

From Bob:  Read this informative article and you will know the answer. Then, call Cathy who can give you a hand (left one)!


How to tell if you actually need that McMansion - and what to do next.

> Click here to read the article courtesy of U.S. News

Take your Decor from Halloween to Thanksgiving

From Bob:  I like any idea that saves some money!

With two major holidays in one season, the price to decorate your home can quickly rack up. Keep costs (and waste) low but style high with transitional decor ideas that will carry you through the Holiday Season.

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Rent or Own? Which is the Best Housing Choice in Retirement?

From Bob:  It's nice having choices in retirement, like should I play golf or go fishing today?

The right decision is the one that makes the most sense for you when considering your lifestyle and budget in your retirement years.


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