HOLIDAY TREAT: “Texas Trash”

For the holidays, it's always great to make homemade treats for friends and family.

This may just be the most addictive and delicious treat you will ever eat! All you need is just five ingredients and a lot of will power so you don't eat it all before putting it into tins. At our house, there's a reason it's called "Cathy's Crack!"

Here's the recipe...

1 box (11.7 oz) Golden Graham Cereal

1 can 16 oz Planter's Cocktail Peanuts

1 24 oz bar of Vanilla or Almond Bark

3 cups mini pretzels (not the stick ones)

Melt bark completely in the microwave;  2 min or so

Pour over dry mixture (cereal, nuts and pretzels)

Mix well to evenly coat; spread out over wax paper

When firm, break into pieces and put into tins

Sprinkle in plain holiday M & Ms