The “Best of” on Our Trip

July is here and everyone seems to be on the move! Even Bob and I took to the road and headed West, spending time in Idaho, Montana, Utah, and New Mexico. Now it's back to Austin where record rainfall and lower than usual temps have things looking green and plush.

Read on for the BEST pictures of our trip and the BEST of Austin for this month!

Best Hike (Sun Valley, Pioneer Cabin)

Best Sunset (Santa Fe, New Mexico)

(Almost) Best Mountain Home (The one that got away)

Best Nature Show (Wood River Valley, Idaho)

Best Beach (Selway River, Idaho)

Best City for Living (We're number 2!)

Only Virginia Beach, Virginia, beats Austin when it comes to great living. So says a new study from WalletHub, a personal finance website that ranks everything from best beer cities to best places to get a job. The study evaluated cities with populations above 300,000 on five categories: affordability, economy, education and health, quality of life and safety.


Best Queso

The annual Quesoff, a celebration of all things melted cheese, returns to the Mohawk this August. 30 vendors - restaurants, top chefs, home-cooks, neighbors, brothers and sisters - will go head to head in 4 categories - Meaty, Spicy, Veggie and Wild Card. Buy your chips for $5 and come taste the best of Austin.


Best Way to End a Blog Post?

Wishing you all "Happy Trails!"