Bob’s Buying Spree Continues in 2021


Bob's "buying stuff spree" continues in '21

Bob's continuing his ways in 2021 to find any opportunity to buy more stuff. He found this cast iron pan in WIRED (just click on the loaf to learn more) and has been whipping up bread in it between everything else he does. I must say, this is really, really good, especially right out of the oven, in the morning, at lunch, at dinner and even as a late night snack. I can't wait for my gym to reopen!


This is just one of the incredible dishes you can make with bread and the fresher the bread, the better. This avocado toast recipe is super easy and especially good with Bob's "no-knead" bread. Just top toasted bread with smashed avocados and lemon juice, a protein if you must, poached eggs and sprinkle with chives. Both healthy and hearty!