Things We Accomplished in March

Things We Accomplished Since March

While it’s easy to think about all of the things we couldn't do during the pandemic, we've decided to jump for joy about all the things we did do!

  • Finished a few puzzles
  • Binge watched TV series
  • Made more meals, less reservations
  • Called our friends and family more
  • Organized our photos on our phones
  • Played more golf (well Bob did)
  • Cleaned out closets (well Cathy did)
  • Donated furniture in the attic that we wanted to believe our kids would want one day


  • Got creative about take-out; even paddle-boarded to Ski Shores one night
  • Bob cleaned out his office... finally
  • Planted a garden for our neighbor
  • Weeded a lot
  • Resurfaced our dock
  • Waterskied a lot
  • Walked a lot
  • Biked a lot
  • Helped Amazon stock go up


And the main thing we accomplished in the past 5 months...

we did things together.