What’s the Latest on the Market?

The word of the day is:  Normalizing. I know, I said it last month but it's worth repeating that our Austin market was long overdue for an adjustment period.

But while high prices may be scaling back a bit, there are many signs that our market is steady and strong.


Inventory is on the rise, which is the sign of a healthy market!

Over the last two years, we've seen an average of less than a month of housing inventory on the market. We're starting to see closer to three months - which is the sign of a more normal market.

Industry continues to come to Austin!

According to recent data, Austin is the third hottest market in the Southwest for under construction warehouse and distribution centers. And don't forget that major companies like Tesla and Google have made big commercial investments in our area.


Not sure if it's time to buy or sell? While the market cools off a bit, now is it's a great time to figure out the next steps.

Want to find out what your home is worth? Need to fix things that are in need of repair? Or just want to talk through your options?

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