I Love May!

I must admit that May is my favorite month. It was kicked off with sweet clients delivering me flowers on May Day. Next comes Mother's Day with a special visit from our daughter and then it's our wedding anniversary. This year, it's our 40th so we're off on a "Tour de Texas" to hit those West Texas places we haven't seen yet in our 31 years of living here. Real estate is steady, the temperatures are still bearable, my flowers aren't dead yet and I'm still in search of a mother of the bride dress! But enough about me. Read on for more that might help you!

May Real Estate

Jokes About Millennial Homeowners Can Stop Now

"In what is being described as a historic shift, the millennial generation is now made up of more homeowners than renters, according to new data released by RentCafe. After years of being known as the “renter generation,” millennials tipped the scale, largely due to the 7 million people in the generation who bought homes in the last five years, bringing the total percentage of millennial homeowners up to 52%. Now, according to the data, Gen Z, who range from 11 to 25 years old according to Pew Research, is the only age group made up of a majority of renters."

> Courtesy of Architectural Digest

May Local Happenings


iHeartRadio Country Festival

For almost a decade, the iHeartRadio group has hosted the iHeart Country Festival in Austin. During a beautiful spring weekend in May, the iHeart Country festival will feature all of your favorite country artists like Luke Bryan, Elle King, Justin Moore, & many more!


Click HERE for details about the iHeart Country Festival


May Home Tips

Ready to Remodel? Here Are The Home Projects That Will Get You The Best Return On Your Investment

Even when they don’t buy a fixer-upper, most people will end up doing some amount of repairs on a new home. About 95% of homeowners said they plan to take on a major home improvement project in the next five years, according to a recent report by Real Estate Witch. However, only 50% said they can afford it at the moment.

Read more at CNBC.com


Outdoor Spaces Are The Must-Have Home Feature for 2023

A new report from Zillow names the backyard a must-have feature in the eyes of home-buyers everywhere!

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Mother's Day Humor

Have a Happy Mother's Day!